Product Marketing
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Group Manager, Engagement & Retention Campaigns at Adobe

I wrote a blog post on this - linked below! 

Here are some questions that help me find the "A" players - 

Do you have a product marketing philosophy?
What’s the biggest project you’ve led? What worked/ didn’t?
Challenge: If you had $5k to spend in any way you wanted, how would you spend it and why?
Will this be the same type of role you’ve done before or something different?
Have you been promoted in your previous role?
How did you manage success in your last role?
What new skill have you learned lately? (personal or professional)

I explain a little more in my post, but the idea is that you want people that are curious, always learning, ready to tackle big things, and understand where they can grow. 

Blog post - how to hire a rockstar product marketer 

Director of Product Marketing at Klaviyo
I'd recommend having on hand: * Your story. Be prepared to give a brief walkthrough of your background and experience. I always like to see when someone has a strong narrative about their career — why they made each move, the highlights of their experience and what they learned, and wh...more
GTM Lead at Benchling
Product marketers are bound to get the “describe a successful product launch you’ve done” question (or some other iteration of it). Be prepared to answer with outcomes rather than going through a checklist of activities. What were you trying to achieve and how did you measure progress? I think S...more