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Director of Enterprise Product Marketing at Amplitude

Currently, I am building a CI from scratch. Honestly, I have started with a goals document, which outlines what is a CI at Mode. My goals document included -

(1) Crowdsourcing - which is a Slack channel. This has already existed at Mode, but I applied some rules of engagement to make it more insightful and actionable 

(2) Feature by feature comparison, including any services like support and customer service 

(3) Positioning and messaging intel and even web traffic or SEO if possible 

(4) What are the strategies set by competition against us 

(5) Feedback on review websites  

Three major deliverables will come out. 

An executive report that goes to the management team outlining where we stand. (I think of it as an equity analyst report with a marketing lens) 

A subreport for my product team to influence the product roadmap and timeline 

And a competitive program for sales enablement, which goes beyond battle cards. 

VP, Product at Barracuda Networks
From scratch, start with a slack channel and encourage everyone in the company to be submitting bits of intel. Most of your competitive intel at this stage will come from sales engineers and former employees of competitors. If you've got an indirect channel, partners will often share intel as wel...more
Director of Product and Customer Marketing at CallRail
I've built our CI program from scratch here at CallRail, and there's definitely been some things I've learned along the way over the last two years: * Like Derek said, make sure the documents are hosted somewhere everyone can easily access. And as a follow-up to that, let EVERYONE know when ...more
Chief Marketing Officer at
Full disclosure, I work for Crayon, a market & competitive intelligence company. Here are some initial thoughts based on my experience building a CI program here and at previous companies, as well as what I've learned from our customers. * Start with the goals you want to accomplish with this n...more
Vice President Marketing at
At a previous company, we started by maintaining a wiki page for competitive intel that was the "single point of truth" for the sales team. Mike is correct when he says that at an early stage, CI is everyone's job and the PMM's job to QB the effort. I would suggest that a solid level of competiti...more