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SaaS Marketing & Growth Advisor at Elevate
I like to group customers in a couple different ways, primarily by the struggle or trigger that led them to "hire" the product (leaning on Jobs-to-be-Done research to identify these).  I will then segment based on where they are (on the path to solving their pain) in their relationship with th...more
Head of Product Marketing at Landed
Be clear on your target and start there. If you’re a marketplace, force primary and secondary segments. And if you’ve got multiple business lines and segments with unique pain points, align on a clear hierarchy and where in your funnel you can speak to different audiences. I’d say the fewer segme...more
Head Of Product Marketing at SignEasy
Georgiana is spot on regarding segmentation by problem. However, from there, the most important thing to do is to segment by stakeholder. How does each stakeholder experience that problem, and what incentives are they, as individuals, responding to? As a (huge) bonus, if you complete this and do ...more
VP of Product Marketing at Unbabel
The format that has worked for us to-date is segmenting users by functional roles / buyer personas and use cases. For example - Let’s say your product caters to both HR and IT - you want distinct messages for HR and for IT - because the challenges HR faces are likely very different than what IT c...more