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Director of Product Marketing at Zendesk
Hey - Thanks for the question!  In my opinion, the best way of telling a great story is to really have an understanding of everything you're talking about - especially the heroes of your story. And to do that, it comes down to meeting with the people who are going to use the product you're pla...more
Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Cameo
I think the basics called out here are nice building blocks, but a few more tactical examples to help: * Listen to customers. "Know your audience" is too broad of a term, but actually listening to what they have to say - and most importantly - what they react to is key to a great story. S...more
Director of Product Marketing at Klaviyo
The best of the best on this topic is Andy Raskin: []. Highly recommend reading a bunch of his stuff, especially his now-famous Zuora sales deck deconstruction [] ....more