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Senior Director, Product Marketing at Twilio

Get out in the field as often as you can and meet with customers but also seek out the super star sellers and find out their secrets to success. Your goal should be to become a trusted advisor to the sales team. This means you have the ability to diagnose problems and challenges that the sales team run into and then make the right recommendations to improve their situation. Showing up and being in the trenches alongside them is the single best way to build your partnership with the sales team - it not only builds empathy but it helps build your knowledge of the challenges they face every day.

Senior Director, Product Marketing at Eightfold
Find a few successful, well-respected sales reps and cultivate strong relationships with them. Get their input on what you're working on, ask for advice on how (and with whom!) to socialize your work with, and use that political savvy to focus on the key stakeholders within sales that have more i...more
Head of Product Marketing, Southeast Asia at TikTok
Getting buy in is an exercise on understanding who to influence and what to do to influence them. A couple of things I think about are  * How do I align the sales enablement plan with sales leads to get a commitment on either revenue, adoption or being the executive sponsor for what you plan...more
Director, Retailer Product Marketing at Instacart
* There are no shortcuts to getting buy in from a sales team; and, every product marketer needs to know how their product gets to market. To get buy-in from a large sales team you need to demonstrate empathy with the sales process, and be useful in accelerating pipeline. If you’re selli...more
Head (VP) of Global Enablement at Benchling
Work with your enablement team! And like with a lot of things these days, you're competiting for their attention - why should they listen to you? What's in it for them as sellers? What do they get if they listen to you on this topic?  Also, work with sales leadership and have some street cred ...more