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Head of Product Marketing, Jira Align at Atlassian

Thanks, Diana. 

I see Messaging as a broader element and which can be broken down into:

- Corporate / Brand messaging

- Segment messaging

- Solution or Product Messaging

As for Pitch and Story, I agree that your pitch may include your story however I typically see the "pitch" as your typical sales pitch. I once heard of a good framework: 30-3-30. The 30-seconds pitch (or elevator pitch), the 3 minutes pitch (typically quick overview after someone says 'tell me more'), and your 30-minutes presentation. This last one is where you weave in the 'why change', 'why now', and 'why you' story.

Director of Brand and Product Marketing, at Twilio
These are all interrelated. Messaging: Includes value propositions, your story, and pitch. Also includes things like naming, alternatives, and taglines. Value Proposition: These are the top benefits you want to focus on for your product based on customer and competitive unput Pitch & Story: Th...more
Director of Product Marketing at Iterable
This is a great question. As product marketers, I think we often confuse this terminology, and due to the common use of these terms it amplifies the perception they are different. From my point of view, there are differences between positioning and messaging which I’ll cover here, but everything ...more
Chief Marketing Officer at Hopin
Interesting! I'll take a stab at it. My sense is that all of these fall under the parent bucket of messaging and positioning. Value Proposition is a subset of messaging that refers to the benefit of the feature or product or platform to the end user or economic buyer. What business impact can t...more
Head Of Product Marketing at 3Gtms
Very straightforward question, with anything but a straightforward answer. They are each distinct... with roughly an 80% overlap with one another. The biggest differences are whether they are buyer-specific or general and whether one must precede the other. You need a value proposition to create ...more