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Head of Product Marketing, Advertising Cloud at Adobe
Camtasia is a great screen share tool that can record your product demos. Infer has a pretty nice demo video that used to be on their website (I found it on YouTube here: I think it does a good job of mixing in slides and the actual product demo with a...more
VP of Marketing at Brandfolder


+1 for Camtasia. 


This is probably my favorite example

Product Marketing, Enterprise Cloud at Atlassian
I have used QuickTime (free on Mac) to record product videos off an iPhone, iMovie (free on Mac) to make simple transitions/edits, and PowerPoint (likely provided by your company) to add copy and display the video on the same slide. I've built complete product videos using these readily available...more
Product Marketing at PagerDuty

+1 on Camtasia. 


Product Marketing Manager at DOCOMO Digital

+1 Camtasia here as well :)

VP of Network Success at WorkSpan

I have recently really liked ScreenFlow for making our own videos. It is very easy to use and even someone who has never recorded of edited videos before can learn fast. 

Product Marketing Manager at Crayon, Inc.
As David mentions above, planning out the "story" – even in a simple product demo – is essential. I like to write a documentary style script, which has a table with voiceover audio on the left and corresponding video on the right. As far as the tech, Camtasia is a great product, though I usual...more
Founder at BrainKraft
The best demos are like good plays. They have a happy ending. They aren't Greek Tragedies. A good demo connects with a buyer's needs, pains, and desires. They can see themselves using the product and are eager to learn more. ScreenFlow and Camtasia are good tools for recording/editing demos.  ...more
Brand & Product Marketer/Data Storyteller at KF brand Studio
Similar to David’s [] and Tom’s [] suggestions a well scripted (storyboarded) demo can save a lot of time and headaches down the road, as well as improve your viewer engagement, if you study the analytics data and ...more
Sr Product Marketing Manager at Appfire
I've just used QuickTime that came with my Mac to record videos that are a combo of me talking and screen recordings of the product, but you'd have to use some type of editing tool to put all that together (we have an experienced video editor on our team, but you could probably use iMovie for bas...more