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Vice President, Global Enablement at Salesforce

The way I see it - you can build the greatest product in the world but if it (1) people don't understand the value (2) people don't know it exists or (3) people can't sell it, your product will fail. So PMM addresses those critical needs.  It's enough to convince to most people =) 

Founder at BrainKraft

One more subtle, but important thing. You should work to *demonstrate* the value of product marketing. It will be far less frustrating then trying to get product management to *understand* the value of product marketing. ;-)

Director of Product Management, Speech AI at Cisco
Great list above. I also look at actual customer "bugs" as well sometimes to be on top of what possibly might create a "space" for competition to come in.  Other emerging areas for good product marketers to evolve especially in a startup/small company is  - solutions marketing by verticals.  -...more
Senior Director of Product Marketing at Automation Anywhere
I view Product Marketing as the GM of the Product, and the role goes beyond product launch. Three areas I see Product Marketing can drive and add value in are Content, Sales enablement and  Market Research/Analyst Relations.  Content: PMM can work with PM to take use cases and create persona ba...more
Founder at BrainKraft
Be the expert on markets and buyers. Let product managers be the experts on users and products. Product marketing managers focus on achieving business goals for current products and preparing the organization and market for the next products.  Product managemement works with product marketing ...more
Group Product Marketing Manager - (CIAM / API Products) at Okta
Yes, launches are a big element of the PM-PMM equation, but this relationship is much more than helping us launch things. Done right, Product Managers and Product Marketers form a strategic team for the product area in an organization. This relationship typically guides the product development, a...more
As the founder of Product School, I know that Product Marketing is difficult to define because it varies from company to company, and it can even vary between different products. However, it should be common knowledge that Product Marketing does much more than just “helping PMs launch things”.  ...more
VP, Product & Operations (WooCommerce) at Automattic
Two approaches here, that may be used at the same time:  1. Direct communication. If you have a strong framework for how you've seen PMM function strategically in other organizations, don't be afraid to share it widely. Be prepared to talk about how this structure can help teams drive ...more
Product Marketing at airSlate
This is my number one problem that I run into with Product Teams when entering new companies or teams. Product Marketing is part of the Product Team, I had a great Product Manager that used to tell me that I was a capital "P" not a capital "M" meaning Product always comes first. So I have impacte...more