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Director of Brand and Product Marketing, at Twilio

The key thing is to do what you just mentioned -- grab attention. Do something different. Either tell a bolder story, take a different angle, focus on a differentiator, or show how other players in the market have it all wrong. This is a never-ending battle because your competitors will likely copy any good messaging you put out, so the need for new creative messaging is cyclical. I do think it’s a good exercise to act like a new buyer and see if you could easily tell the difference between your product and your competitors. If not, there is definitely some work to do!

Product Marketing Director at
I don't think there is a single answer here---it is the fundamental messaging & content marketing concern! As you know, we all see hundreds of commercial and noncommercial messages every day (I've seen an estimate that the average American views 3000 advertisements daily). Breaking through is HAR...more
Vice President Marketing at
I'm going to take a somewhat contrarian view on this and say that in order to really break through in a crowded market, it takes more than clever messaging (though that never hurts). You have to position your product correctly and you have to prove that you are better. Now would be the time to in...more
Head Of Product Marketing at 3Gtms
"Messaging is more effective when it's aligned with the top priorities of your customer (instead of what you think is important)." Dead. On.  I'll go even further: When doing persona research, try to discuss your product/category as little as possible. Yes, you read that right. Knowing what...more
Head of Marketing at Woven
The problem that I see in a lot of crowded markets is that players try to one-up each other with new features that the buyer either doesn't fully comprehend or care about. Start with really good buyer persona research. Personally, I interviewed several customers, recorded their answers, and had ...more
Senior Product Marketing Manager at Bombora
What medium and what specific messaging? Depends on those two things (e.g., emails that capture people's attention vs website messaging that enables a staged, conversion-optimized flow of learning). Plenty of more in-depth stuff here if you could clarify what you mean. If it's the value propo...more
Founder at 021 Consulting
Tell a compelling story. A story that resonates with your target audience. Something that speaks directly to the pain they are experiencing and/or describes a future state they want to be in.   You should aim for the right balance of cleverness, clarity, and cheekiness. That balance all depends...more
Tech Storybuilder at Wrongless Consulting Ex: New Relic, Juniper Networks, IDC
If I read the question right, you sell sales development services, right?  Hook me: 1. Show you get my pain. 2. Teach me to be a better customer. Make fun of the pain felt by [your target] sales and marketing execs who fail to hire you or don't currently have SDR programs...  * Sales re...more
Founder at Silicon Valley Go To Market Dojo
   My short summary is that you need to align your STORY so that it is strategic and meaningful to the prospect and teaches them how you can transform their world. You do this by putting the buyer in the Hero's role, and your offering is a supporting but critical one. ONLY After that, you need VE...more