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Director of Enterprise Product Marketing at Amplitude
This is a tough question to answer because it is so multifaceted. So let's start with the basics when you are moving from product to platform, you're moving from selling one solution to selling multiple solutions. My first recommendation is to hire a separate role that focuses on Sales Enablement...more
Marketing Team Lead at Stripe
While you can have really compelling per-product pitches, the real challenge of selling a platform is getting prospects and customers to buy into a vision that unifying their systems is going to be a force multiplier for their company. The value is that 1 + 1 > 2. In selling a platform, it’s impe...more
Vice President, Global Enablement at Salesforce
It depends on where you are in the growth journey. If this is a strategy change - in terms of no longer selling a product to selling a platform, it's more about messaging & the art of the possible with a platform.   If you're further in the growth journey and have a complex product portfolio, ...more
Head of Marketing at Transform
Let's start with the difference between a platform and a product: Almost every SaaS product has APIs that let it integrate with other applications. A platform, however, plays a more active role in creating an ecosystem and acts as a central hub where how multiple products work and can thrive toge...more