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Director of Marketing at Hover

Asana gets my vote.

Product Marketing Manager at Facebook

We use Trello as well which works great for us but we're super small so I'm not sure whether that would be good for bigger teams.

Product & Customer Marketing Manager at Newton Software

We’ve been using Teamwork for about a year now and everyone loves it. The calendar integration is what sold me since other tools didn’t have one or needed an integration. The price is significantly less than other vendors as well.

Head of Product Marketing at Quantum Metric

We use Wrike and its been good so far - really like the design review capabilities.

VP of Marketing at Brandfolder

Asana seems to be best for marketing from the research i've done.

Head of Product Marketing, Advertising Cloud at Adobe

I like Trello - for a team of up to 6 it's manageable. Creating different boards for Sprint Planning and overall goals is really good.

The best tool for visibility to other orgs was a google spreadsheet that clearly laid everything out, that anyone could access.Submit

Product Marketing Manager at Quantcast

We use jira and operate on a sprint schedule, just like the dev teams.

Product Marketing Manager at Bullhorn

That is really interesting. I've always been a fan of Agile Scrum; I used to be QA/Scrum Master on a dev team. To what extent is the team using Jira's features? How are the sprints defined?

Senior Director, Marketing at Zafin
For the past year, we've been using Monday (formerly Dapulse). Everyone on my team loves it. Our creative team also uses Monday, so it has been extremely valuable when that team works on projects with Product Marketing so that we have a clear communication channel and are all accountable for dead...more
Product Marketing Director at Blue Yonder
I have used Excel, Trello, Confluence, and Kapost. Honestly, a sharable spreadsheet works the best especially if you are collaborating with teams outside of marketing. Kapost is work-flow management but this requires a bit of training and is license based. It's best to use a tool that all stakeh...more
Product Marketing Manager at Crayon, Inc.
On my first day at Crayon, I was told that we were using Airtable to manage marketing, and it was just icing on the cake. Like some of the other posters, we're using it to track an Agile-like process with monthly sprints. I'm an Airtable fanatic, and having used it at previous employers and on...more
Director, HCM Product Marketing at Oracle

We use Trello and I have to be honest, I'm not a fan. I think it can be helpful if you have a lots of projects that go through multiple rounds of review, but other than that, not helpful.

Marketing at Luna On-Demand Physical Therapy
Adding another vote for Asana. Here are a few things I find useful with this tool: * The calendar view is great for setting timeline context and driving urgency. There's something about seeing a launch's set of activities mapped to a calendar (or even in their timeline view) that helps pu...more