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Head of Product Marketing, Real-Time CDP & Audience Manager at Adobe
This somewhat depends on the resources your company has on each of those teams. If you have a full sales ops team then partner with them to understand win/loss and pipeline health. What you’re looking for is how much you’re winning/losing, why you’re winning/losing, who you’re winning/losing agai...more
Director, Product Marketing at PagerDuty
I break it down as follows: product marketing's main role in sales enablement is to educate salespeople on the target customers/market segments/buyer personas & needs, etc., how to position value (not benefits or feature/function) for those customers, and provide competitive intelligence (battlec...more
Senior Director, Fintech Product Marketing at Visa
This is likely something that can differ a bit depending on company and organization, but in general: * Sales Ops functions are focused on strategies, systems, and processes related to stuff like sales forecasting, quota assignment, sales comp design, sales coverage, and administration/...more
Head of Marketing at Transform
Sales ops cannot be responsible for launching new products or features. Any topic directly related to the product or the GTM motion should fall under the purview of PMM (since they will be closely attached to the product management team). PMMs create the training/launch materials and are responsi...more
VP - Product Marketing, Content Marketing, Pricing at Datasite
Its OK for the line to be muddy. Make sure you have a good working relation with your sales ops counterpart.  Usually sales ops and enablement are slightly different functions. sales ops has also revenue ops elements in it around contracting and quoting for example. One common metric outright ...more
Founder at Enablix
Sales Enablement is a very broad term. But, content and messaging is an important part of sales enablement.  We believe that product marketing is the best positioned to drive content enablement because, * product marketing is responsible for the messaging and majority of the content (dire...more
Director, Product Marketing at Coupa Software
Different companies will define product marketing and sales ops / sales enablement in different ways. The distinction tends to run along a spectrum where on the one hand, Product Marketing will lead the creation of content that focuses on market positioning and differentiation, and on the other h...more