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Senior Director, Fintech Product Marketing at Visa

A lot I could go into here, but I'd oversimplify the steps into a few areas:

  1. Sales strategy and sales model: Start with understanding how this works at your company. How is sales structured - e.g., is it all direct sales, or a mix of direct and indirect? What is the sales coverage strategy - e.g., generalists vs. generalists + specialists? Inside sales vs. outside sales? Do you have named account coverage or do the reps cover territories? These factors play a big role how you'd structure your a sales enablement strategy.  
  2. Messaging and content: Based on the above + your understanding of the target customers, insights you have around them, and the products/solutions that your company provides - think about developing buyer/solution/product messaging that can resonate and create it! A great thing to do is to get feedback from sales on this as they'll understand what are common customer objections that the messaging should pre-empt. I like to do this during my meetings with the sales teams (or even better, during customer calls where you can be a fly on the wall).  
  3. Training, technology, and measurement: If sales enablement is new to the company, it's likely there isn't a protocol around this. Consider the basics from content repositories to store sales tools all the way to training/coaching programs to help upskill sales reps. Lastly, start thinking about reporting processes and technology enabled solutions to measure your sales enablement efforts. Three simple buckets of measurement are (a) Usage (usage of tools), (b) Quality (sales rep feedback), and (c) Impact (correlation to biz results, deal closure, revenue).  
VP Product Marketing at Medallia
There are three key elements you need to consider: * Your story and the constituent “story-lets” * Your internal audience - sales being the most important, but you need to address the needs of other customer-facing professionals (customer success, support, professional services, etc.) *...more
Director of Product Marketing & Programs at Brainshark
I would encorage you to check out the Sales Enablement Society. There is a wealth of information and good discussion threads on everything sales enablment. Note that they are very cautious on vendors that sell to sales enablement pitching their products on the website. https://www.sesociety.or...more
Head of Product Marketing at Scale AI
Ah, this sounds like a fun prioritization exercise! If sales enablement was just kicking off, I'm assuming that generally marketing and PMM functions are relatively new as well. There's probably a lot of marketing and enablement debt that you're working through right now. I would be really di...more
Head Of Product Marketing at 3Gtms
In my mind, there are two aspects of Sales Enablement: training and arming. So, the first question is which of these is more needed: Do you have naturally great salespeople that need some additional resources to best accomplish their goals, or do you have a fairly green salesforce that needs more...more