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Director of Product Marketing at Skopenow
Retaining talent is one of those things that has no magic bullet. I believe keeping talent, begins with hiring the right talent in the first place. Obviously you need to be hiring for someone who aligns with your company culture, mission and is talented and make sure you pay them well, give them ...more
Director of Product Marketing at Sprout Social, Inc.
Retaining good talent for high demand roles in a competitive market is, obviously, tough. But I think it's also easy to overthink it. Not to oversimplify, but two things I always try to keep in mind are: * Continuously providing new opportunities: It's easy to get stuck in a rut if you feel ...more
Director of Product Marketing at Solutionreach

+1 on making someone feel valued. Good call. 

Head of Product Marketing at Zapier
There’s definitely core management competencies you have to focus on that are true of any role which I won’t go into (e.g. developing your people, advocating for them and backing them up, etc.). But I think something we as product marketing leaders need to focus on is making the job exciting and ...more
Head of Product Marketing, EMEA & LATAM at LinkedIn
Having a culture of openness and transparency across the team. Strong support in the development and alignment with each individual PMMs career & skill development roadmap. Finally, you offer interesting and stretching projectsthat spike passions and, as a manager, give your team the guardrails t...more
Head of Marketing, IoT at Twilio

Well said @Robert McGrath 

Head of Marketing, IoT at Twilio
Let me ask you a question: What are the top 3 reasons people join, stay or leave companies? Answer... 1. Company (culture, potential, growth) 2. Job (fit, growth potential and salary) 3. Manager (leadership qualities, chemistry, trust, etc.) The first is mostly not in your control. You are ...more