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Product and marketing consultant, former industry strategy PMM at Adobe, Founding Team and VP PMM at Livefyre (acquired by Adobe) at Adobe
There are a few questions you need to answer to determine if it's worth targeting this new vertical: - Do you have product-market fit? Are you solving a real problem for this vertical? - What is the size of the market opportunity for this vertical? How will it grow over time? (their industry gr...more
Product Marketing Lead, Square Point of Sale & Directory at Square
I don't actually use market research for that, is the short answer. If we believe that our solution is well suited for a particular vertical, we have the budget to invest in GTM to capture business in this vertical, and the vertical is fragmented / doesn't have a real clear winner, we will go for...more
Head of Product Marketing at Amplitude
Ensure verticalization aligns well with core competencies, market perception, ability to deliver and differentiation. If you do not clearly understand the definition of the target vertical, the trends in that vertical’s consumer or enterprise user market as well as the size of the opportunity, it...more