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Senior Director, Technology Marketing and Communications at Zendesk

For product marketers that want to stay in product marketing, the classic career path I usually see in terms of roles and titles is PMM → Senior PMM → Group or Principal PMM → Director → Senior Director → VP → SVP → CMO. From my experience, I’ve seen managing a report or a team typically starts at the Group or Principal level and then expands each time you progress from there, sometimes it also happens at the Senior level. I haven’t seen a path in PMM to remain an individual contributor past the Principal level. In order to progress further once you do start managing, I think it’s all about showing you’re an effective manager that develops, supports and empowers your team (someone that people actually want to work for), delivers results and impact for the business, effectively navigates any politics that exist, and knows how to work best with and influence critical cross-functional teams.

There are a lot of PMMs that also decide to go into other functions within marketing too, like campaigns/demand generation is common. The path forward usually has the same roles and levels still ending in ultimately working towards becoming a CMO. I’ve also seen a lot of PMMs move over to Product (I actually tried Product for a short bit myself) and the last role within that function instead of CMO is typically CPO (Chief Product Officer). All of those paths could also of course lead to CEO too if that’s your ultimate career ambition.

Head of Product Marketing at Square
I see 3 ways to grow our career: 1. Continue down the product marketing career path. At some point, you will be capped at a VP or Director of product marketing role 2. Get broader channel marketing experience (the most important one being paid marketing) and become a CMO somewhere. Cho...more
Go To Market Lead, Payment Intelligence at Stripe
There’s no one typical path. Product marketers are often utility players, and get into product marketing from a wide range of backgrounds like content, campaigns, sales engineering or enablement, or even product. Once you’re in a product marketing role, you can expect to put in your time as an in...more
Head of Global Product Marketing at Asana
I don’t think there is a typical career path for Product Marketers. I personally started my career in investment banking and consulting and transitioned into a corporate role via Operations. I made the transition to Product Marketing by networking and building relationships while I was working in...more
Head of End-User Marketing at Airtable
It’s hard to pinpoint “typical” because product marketing is a field that sets you up for a few different paths depending on what you want to do. Being a product marketer gives you problem-solving, strategy, and execution skills that can help you in so many different careers so I wouldn’t want to...more
VP, Product at Barracuda Networks
The PMM part of the typical career is pretty straight forward. Generally, you will start as a PMM. In larger orgs, you may take on a Sr. PMM or Principal PMM title as you become more of a senior individual contributor. Director is next, which may be an IC or your first management role. In larger ...more
Sr. Director, Head of Product Marketing at DoorDash
I think typical is atypical in PMM. I come from a background in brand before and have managed team members that came from consulting, manufacturing, advertising, as well as traditional marketers. Many of those past team members have gone on to careers in other parts of marketing, to product, or t...more
Head of Product & Partner Marketing at Qualia
I think there could be a number of career paths for PMM. In our team, we see everything from Sales (i.e, former AE), to Product Manager, to content marketer to solutions consultant. I think each of these has their ‘edge’ - for example, coming from sales you have a really unique perspective having...more
VP Product Marketing and Platform at Matterport
That's a good question. I think it will vary based on when you start your career as a PMM and where. I've seen PMM leaders go on to be CMOs and founders, or successfully transition over to areas like product management and general management.  In terms of roles/titles, you typically see a prog...more
Head of Product Marketing at Forethought
Great question! Product marketing has been getting a lot of attention recently as a top career choice for anyone interested in marketing or strategy, but the truth is everyone's career path is different and product marketing may look different from one role or company to the next.  The product m...more
Senior Product Marketing Manager at Bombora
Well, that depends on the role. If you're writing a lot of content and not driving a lot of strategy, you probably should be a content marketer or a writer. If you own strategy of product marketing, and product marketing is an important marketing function to drive growth, then I'd say there's a c...more