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Head of Product and Solutions Marketing at mParticle
In my opinion the effectiveness of sales enablement should be measured by reducing the customer acquisition costs over time and reducing the time it takes to close a deal. Having these in-process KPIs that you can track month over month will help you demonstrate how your enablement activities are...more
Director, Retailer Product Marketing at Instacart
* At a high-level the goal is likely to make sellers more productive in some sense. Probably by making them more effective or more efficient. Let’s just call this “go-to-market readiness” as this is typically a key pillar of any sales enablement team. * GTM readiness is likely the succ...more
Senior Product Manager at Amazon
Measuring sales success is unique to your organization but you can gauge general effectiveness by understanding the volume of opportunities, conversion rates, and productivity.  Volume of Opportunity Cross-selling, renewals, and upselling are more effective ways of generating revenue than acqu...more
Head of Product Marketing, Real-Time CDP & Audience Manager at Adobe
I’m going to answer this question the same way I answered, “How do you measure ROI of sales enablement?” because ultimately success should be ROI in some form. Here’s my response again:  Ultimately you want everything to tie back to revenue (usually in the form of new versus growth versus reten...more
Vice President, Product Marketing at Marqeta
Sharing how I think about this as an industry marketer. My first step would be to huddle with my sales and product leaders and align common goals (where possible). If you are working within a larger organization, perhaps start by collaborating with your sales strategy, sales programs and sales en...more
Director, Product Marketing at Coupa Software
Sales enablement success should ultimately drive sales success, including the size & number of deals closed won and win rates. Leading sales enablement indicators of sales success include adoption of content, sales feedback, and feedback from prospects/customers as part of win/loss analysis. In p...more
Product Marketing Lead - Enterprise at Miro
Create a quiz or set up role playing for your sales team on their understanding of the product features, capabilities and messaging. When you set aside time to observe how your sales teams are understanding and consuming your sales enablement, you create a better relationship with the team, and k...more
Head of Product Marketing, Southeast Asia at TikTok
I think there's a similar question above on measuring KPIs. Please refer to it. But essentially I'll look at 2 parts  1. Whether sales has received the information * Attendance rates, Tests/Quizzes to capture main points, engagement rates during the training, feedback post the training and ...more
Vice President & GM, Global SMB at Braze
My top 3 metrics to measure sales enablement success are : 1. Reduction in ramp time for new AEs coming into the company - defined as 'how many days does an AE spend at my company before they close their first New Business deal?' 2. Quarterly rep participation rate - defined as 'what % of my r...more